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2022 Program

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Keynote Speaker Day One

Joe Morrison


Indigenous Land and Sea Corp 

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Nova Peris OAM

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Warddeken man ranger in helicopter June 2020.jpg

Rohan Fisher 

North Australia
Fire Information

Dambimangari Rangers

Wilinggin AC

Wunambal Gaambera AC

Mimal Women Rangers

Warddeken Rangers

Joe Martin-Jard.jpg

Keynote Speaker Day Two

Joe Martin-Jard


Northern Land Council

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Tyronne Garstone


Kimberley Land Council


John Connor


Carbon Market Institute

Ricky Archer



Dean Yibarbuk



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Cissy Gore-Birch



Darren Godwell


i2i Global


Carbon Market Updates

Day 1: Tuesday 9th Feb

10:00 am

Welcome to Country

10:10 am

MC Introductions

10:20 am

Keynote Address

10:40 am

Fire in North Australia Overview

11:15 am

Fire in the Top End: NT Panel

12:15 pm


12:30 pm

Fire in Cape York: QLD Panel

1:30 pm

Fire in the Kimberley: WA Panel

2:30 pm

Key Lessons: Day 1



Day 2: Wednesday 10th Feb

9:30 am



Day 2 - Opening Address

10:10 am

Carbon Industry Update

11:10 am

Concurrent Workshop: Partnerships in Fire Management

12:30 pm

Welcome to Country

Concurrent Workshop: Mapping better for Fire Management

12:10 pm

Minister's Address - The Hon. Ken Wyatt MP



Tuesday 15 February

Day One

Welcome to Larrakia Country: Trent Lee

Introduction: Nova Peris OAM (MC)

Keynote Presentation: Joe Morrison, CEO Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation

North Australia Fire Weather and NAFI Analysis 2020-21

  • North Australian Fire Information service

  • Bureau of Meteorology

Fire in the Top End: NT Panel

  • Warddeken Rangers

  • Mimal Rangers

  • Djurrubu Ranger

  • Jawoyn Rangers

  • Bushfires NT – Maggie Tower

Fire in Cape York: QLD Panel

  • Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Dr Sally Gray

  • Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council

  • Olkola Aboriginal Shire Council

  • Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council – Victor Mills

Fire in the Kimberley: WA Panel

  • Kimberley Land Council

  • Bardi Jawi Rangers

  • Ngul Ngul Rangers

  • Dambimangari Rangers

  • Nyangumarta Rangers

Fire and Science Updates

  • Mimal Land Management – Mimal Women Rangers

  • Bushfires NT – Maggie Tower

  • Warddeken Land Management – Bim (Rock Art) Project Team

  • Aboriginal Carbon Foundation – Shilo Villaflor

  • Wunambal Gaambera AC – Tom Vigilante

  • James Cook University – Michael Brand

1st National Indigenous Carbon Forum LOGO Long.png

Wednesday, 16 February

Day 2

Welcome to Larrakia Country: Richard Fejo

Introduction: Nova Peris OAM (MC)

Keynote Address: Joe Martin-Jard, CEO, Northern Land Council

State of the Indigenous Carbon Industry Update

  • Dean Yibarbuk, Co-Chair

  • Anna Boustead, Coordinator

  • Polly Grace, Legal and Policy Advisor

  • Jarrad Holmes, Mapping Advisor

  • Cissy Gore-Birch, Co-Chair

Carbon Market Updates

  • Carbon Market Institute – John Connor, CEO

  • Market Advisory Group – Lachlan Ince

  • Clean Energy Regulator – Gavin Mongan

Carbon Methods Update:

  • Clean Energy Regulator – Jennifer Bradley

Carbon Methods: Future Opportunities

  • Dept of Agriculture, Water & Resources – Lisa Nitschke, Assist. Secretary, Soils & Nature Based Solutions

  • NAILSMA – Justin Perry, Research Manager

  • Mimal Land Management – Dominic Nicholls, CEO

  • Aboriginal Biodiversity Conservation Foundation – Jason West, Business Manager

  • Charles Darwin University – Andrew Edwards, Research Fellow RIEL Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research

  • Ngurrarra Rangers – Fire Management in the Pilbara

Launch of ICIN Ltd

Indigenous Carbon Industry Showcase – Indigenous carbon producers

Indigenous Rights and Interests in Carbon 

  • Kimberley Land Council – Tyronne Garstone, CEO

  • APN Cape York – Melissa Sinclair, GM

  • NAILSMA – Ricky Archer, CEO

International Opportunities:

  • I2i Global - Darren Godwell, CEO

  • ISFMI – Sam Johnston, Program Director

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