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Paul Lane

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Paul Lane is a Director of the Lingiari Foundation Ltd, a Kimberley based not for profit established in 1998 that works in the field of Indigenous Community and Social Development.


Paul has been has worked in and for Aboriginal Communities and Organisations across remote and regional Australia for over 50 years in a range of roles and across a broad spectrum of interests.


Paul has played a role in the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the Social Impact Assessment of 20 years of Uranium Mining in Kakadu National Park, Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, the Murray Darling Basin Cultural Flows Research Project, The Northern Australian Water Rights Report on Strategic Indigenous Water Reserves, the ATSIC National Indigenous Water Rights Policy and other significant Indigenous Rights based projects.


Over the past years Paul has focussed on working with Aboriginal Communities in their pursuit of Native Title both in the process of asserting their Traditional rights, responsibilities and interests over their lands, seas and rivers and working with determined Native Title Holders in the establishment of their Native Title Corporate entities.


Paul is currently focussed on the development of opportunities for Indigenous people around the emerging economies of Carbon and Native fruits, trees and plants. In this role Paul is working with an ARC consortium including the University of Queensland and Community Partners investigating the commercial development of traditional plants and fruits with a view to building sustainability and resilience on lands that have been returned to Traditional Owners through Land Rights and Native Title outcomes

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