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Present at the 2021 Forum

Apply now to present at the 2021 Savanna Fire Forum

The Savanna Fire Forum working group is calling for expressions of interest to present at the 2021 North Australia Savanna Fire Forum to be held on February 9-11. The 2021 Forum will be held online, focused on the following themes:

•    Year in Review: hearing from fire managers and NAFI experts from across north Australia as they share their knowledge and experiences from 2020/21. 
•    Skills Share: a series of small-group workshops for practitioners to share experiences related to mapping; equipment; measurement, monitoring and reporting; and different communication tools to share fire stories.
•    Women in Fire: a space for women to share their experience in fire management.  
•    Climate Change and Savanna Fire Management: exploring the impacts of climate change and hotter weather on the industry.
•    The Future of the Savanna Fire Management Industry: discussing current and emerging opportunities to support and strengthen the future of the industry. 
•    Partnerships in fire management: weaving together the sciences and practice of fire management.

Individuals and groups are invited to submit presentation proposals using the attached Expression of Interest form to by 15 January 2021.
Please note, your application will be considered by the Programming Working Group. While all efforts will be made to accommodate submissions, due to the condensed nature of this years Program, it is anticipated that not all applicants to present can be accommodated.

Successful applicants will be notified by 22 January.

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